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What Are BIDs

BIDs are an arrangement whereby businesses come together and decide which improvements they feel could be made in their town or city centre and also how they will implement these improvements and what it will cost them.  BIDs are financed and controlled by the businesses within the selected area.  BIDs can run for a maximum of five years and during this time they must be able to show that they are benefitting the businesses that fund it.  At the end of each five year term businesses are asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to whether the BID should continue.  Sutton Coldfield has so far achieved three consecutive ‘yes’ votes and businesses will cast their vote for the fourth time in autumn / winter 2026.

Why do we need a BID?

Sutton Coldfield is a thriving Royal town in Birmingham, yet it needs to evolve and change to remain competitive in the face of growing competition.  It will need to do this against the background of tighter public sector finances and other towns and cities who already have BIDs in place injecting several hundred thousand pounds a year into their locations.  By maintaining BID status in Sutton Coldfield it enables the private sector (retail, leisure, tourism, office and commercial) to decide the projects and services that should be delivered in their area to ensure that Sutton Coldfield has a stronger profile, attracting visitors, increasing footfall, more spending, directly supporting businesses and encouraging investment.

What can BIDs deliver?

It’s up to you as a business to help shape what the BID in Sutton Coldfield might deliver.  BIDs can deliver any projects or services that are agreed by the businesses in the BID area.  These projects must go over and above anything that is already provided through business rates and by the Police, City Council and Town Council.

Why do businesses support BIDs?

Many national businesses have policies in place to support Business Improvement Districts (BIDs).  For example McDonalds, Costa, HSBC, Natwest. Boots and Nando’s are all companies that vote ‘yes’ at BID ballot as they recognise the power of businesses working together as a collective.  BIDs have the ability to increase footfall to an area, reduce business costs and improve services.  As they can run for up to five years they also give businesses the opportunity to plan ahead.  BIDs put the control into the hands of the businesses themselves.  BIDs do not substitute services provided through business rates, they must legally provide additional services over and above those provided for by the Police, the Town and City Council.